Legion of Muzik Presents the 1st Qtr Mixtape Project
1ST Qtr N.F.L (North Carolina For Lyfe) Hosted by Manifest & Dj Krush
North Carolina — January 10, 2011 — This Friday, Jan. 14, 2011, the first set of Quarterly Mixtapes for this year, produced and coordinated in Eastern North Carolina at M.E. Music Works Studio, will be released for download purchase via internet and select designated locations for sale.
In the past, you’ve ran across many well put together Mixtape projects, but rarely been presented with a Quarterly Mixtape like this. The track list is combined of respected and progressive artists across one region with the means to progress, manage and self-support their selections for the project and campaigns set out. The actual production staff sends out info for music submissions and from there the team behind this project sorts through hundreds of music. This process does not just consist of just finding justified, hot music, but also music behind active artists wanting the experience and exposure, and especially those willing to push this product as if it were their very own.
“Our goal is to showcase NC talent across the state utilizing our network and resources; From showcasing the producers to the artists and even to give promoters and PR'S a hands-on experience with a serious mixtape project campaign… It’s not just a release.”
In other words, these Mixtapes are considered valuable products and should be pushed as serious inventory and not just promotional material. Not only should an artist be able to present
their fans with a good self-mixtape but they also should be able to be presented through a collaborated project and push it successfully as their own like those involved on the Qtr Mixtapes. These Quarter Mixtape allow the artist to do that.

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