If "Loyalty Brings Royalty," then the name the "Carolina Crown Holder" fits Diesel tha Youngin PERFECTLY. Although many people flee from unorganized situations that could be immaculate, Youngin pushes to see the star come to life.

Youngin first spat a freestyle at the age 8 with his older brother (Hood "Da Mayor") in a Fayetteville, North Carolina trailer park on the westside of his city. At this time his brother seen a lighter flickering inside him that jus need the lighter fluid to push him. By the time he was 12, his brother was in and out of incarceration, to whom he wrote verses back and forth to, (Hood) promised that when he got out that they will get on. With the confidence of the "Hood" behind him, and moving further into the westside to the Hope Mills area, plus going back and forth to Brooklyn, NY since a child, gave him his "UP-SOUTH" mentality of intricite rhyme schemes on "crunked-out" beats. Although a star in football, music was his life in and out. "I remember many nights exhausting nights, of school (because it's corny to be uneducated), football practices, then studio until i fell asleep in the shed we called a studio. Hey, gotta PLAY IT HOW YOU PLAY IT RIGHT?!! HAHAHA.

In the first quarter of 2006, him and his elite team of rappers around him from the PARKTON & MUSCAT RD area released their first mixtape after Diesel the Youngin dropped his first two solo mixtapes, "Down Syndrome" and "Hard Body", they X-Team (Expansion Team) release "The X-Team Chronicles Vol. 1". At this point, Youngin was "all in". Also, this is where he started chasing the buzz from the fellow fayette-villians at all of the open mic events. "I know it felt like it was open mic after open mic after open mic lol." So eventually, he started OPENING THE MIC.

After "Vol 2" dropped, Diesel Tha Youngin joined the "lavish" Paperboy Mafia, a crew known from their Lavish Lifestyles, and incredible Street Credibility. They are identified by the color Green, with Green Bandanas reminding them that at the end of the day, through all of the hate and negativity, they still got to get that green in they pockets to feed their children and family. While working on their debut mixtape, "Gain Green", he dropped another mixtape called "Sour Diesel" and although he declined on the first offer, he started running with the infamous DARKSIDE CAMP. "If you don't know who they are, you not from the 2-6 (Fayetteville's Jail Code) and at first i was on the whole loyalty thing, and which i still was on when i joined the group to the Mafia, but Moms was like "If they can help you, and you can get paid, your brother will understand." And that was all he needed. From that day, it was the studio everyday after college classes, and a show everynight. "We went strong for a nice year run, but i kept getting the "New Darkside Nigga Go Hard" phrases, so i knew it was time for me to ease out and get my name on my own merits. But we still family, its a blessing to be a honorary Darkside member, artists dream to have that stamp on them, and im stamped and certified." Maybe that's why he made the Darkside Camp's "Certified Gangsta" mixtape.

Now, once he has found his niche, he is looking to enter the industry by the summer of 2010, with looks from Jive, Sony, and Wu-Tang representitives while he jus dropped the mixtape "Carolina Crown Holder", which got 5 mics on Datpiff.com, while working on his first street album, "The Lavish", that drops in the second quarter of 2010.

"Outta Fayetteville, NC there will be many who stray away from the city to get a deal. After me, there will be none. IM A FAYETTEVILLE ARTIST WHO IS GETTING HIS DEAL OUT OF FAYETTEVILLE." -Diesel Tha Youngin


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